About Us


At S.P.A.R.C. Chiropractic, our philosophy is to build a working relationship with patients by educating and coaching them to eliminate and prevent pain, while maximizing the body’s full movement potentials. We strive to empower individuals to take a more active role in the restoration, preservation, and optimization of their own health.

We accomplish these goals through our slogan, “MOVEMENT AS MEDICINE”. Today as a result of convenience, people sit far too long at work, home or in their cars, and simply don’t move enough.  Inactivity, poor posture, faulty movement patterns, and obesity are major leading causes of pain, dysfunction, and poor health. It is our goal for our patients to understand the connection between pain and poor movement, or the lack of it. By combining chiropractic treatments, functional movement exercises, and healthy eating habits we are able to maximize the body’s potential to heal itself.



head-shot-tAt a young age Dr. Tom was exposed to health and wellness through sports. He was a football player and volleyball All-American throughout high school and was a 4-year collegiate swimmer, earning All-American status again.  Dr. Tom always felt a strong drive to be part of the health care field. As an avid triathlete, swimmer, active CrossFit member, and league sports member he observed and experienced numerous injuries, ultimately understanding that preventative care is the best method to avoid future health issues. Prior to Chiropractic College, Dr. Tom worked as a health and physical education teacher in the Aurora area. These experiences made Dr. Tom realize the important role that health and physical fitness play in people’s everyday lives.

Dr. Tom graduated in April 2013 from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL. He graduated with a keen understanding of human anatomy, kinesiology and a strong grasp on how the body works as a whole. He helps his patients manage and improve their conditions by making sure they understand the root cause of their symptoms and helps them to correct the issue.  Dr. Tom was born and raised in Downers Grove, IL.  He enjoys any type of physical activity. His appreciation for the outdoors further drives him to be active and stay fit.



300I originally graduated from DePaul University with a B.S. in marketing & sales in 2007. After working a few months performing inside sales, I knew the fit wasn’t for me, and needed to do something more purposeful. I had a few wonderful mentors and after speaking with them, knew healthcare was my calling. I attended National University of Health Sciences (Lombard, IL) where I received a certificate in massage, acupuncture, and my Doctorate of Chiropractic. I am a member of both the Illinois Chiropractic Society and the American Chiropractic Association. I currently am enrolled in an online Masters program for human nutrition & functional medicine through the University of Western States.

My hobbies and interests include CrossFit, flag football, martial arts, being outdoors, reading and I would love the opportunity to travel more. I am a huge advocate for local, raw, and humane raised foods, and love exploring new farmer’s markets. I strongly believe nutrition and movement can help correct many of the imbalances we face as a society today, and why I look forward to helping current and future patients reach their goals through education and coaching.