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At S.P.A.R.C. Chiropractic, our philosophy is to build a working relationship with patients by educating and coaching them to eliminate and prevent pain, while maximizing the body’s full movement potentials. We strive to empower individuals to take a more active role in the restoration, preservation, and optimization of their own health.

We accomplish these goals through our slogan, “MOVEMENT AS MEDICINE”. Today as a result of convenience, people sit far too long at work, home or in their cars, and simply don’t move enough.  Inactivity, poor posture, faulty movement patterns, and obesity are major leading causes of pain, dysfunction, and poor health. It is our goal for our patients to understand the connection between pain and poor movement, or the lack of it. By combining chiropractic treatments, functional movement exercises, and healthy eating habits we are able to maximize the body’s potential to heal itself.